Nocturnal House Productions

The TV & video production company that never sleeps.

Venture into Nocturnal House Productions and enter Perth’s dark and not-so-secret video production company. Like many of our native animals, you may not have seen us before, but you’ve most likely heard of our work. Television shows and commercials,  corporate videos and social video content are just some of the services we provide.

Video Production Perth

In our modern digital world, video plays a vital role in any marketing strategy. At Nocturnal House Productions we create, produce and deliver video across both digital and traditional media channels, shaping and crafting each individual project to the environment to which it is created.

We are passionate about television, among other areas, and specialise in unscripted factual content. Our stories are quality pieces expressed with intergrity and style.

Nocturnal House Video Production Perth


64% of people are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video. This visual representation builds relationships and trust at a faster pace as the viewer feels they cannot be duped or hoodwinked. Videos are deemed a more raw, more lifelike and, therefore, more personal means to view a product or service. This element makes video key to the future of online marketing.

We have a long relationship with local Perth marketing and design agencies, establishing ourselves not only as content producers, but strategists as well. Our visual strategies circle around three key elements; Hero, Hub and Help videos.

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Hero content screams ‘look at me!’ It’s your chance to show off your business and encourage people to talk about it. Hero content casts the net wide, beyond your existing followers, and seeks to attract the attention of new prospects. This content is generally related to an important event or the launch of an exciting new product, meaning that the frequency of Hero videos are around one to two productions a year.

Content Production Perth


Hub content is more bite-sized and regularly updated video offerings that are less showy, more focused, often serialised and aimed at a very specific target market. Think web-series, product displays and fun little elements to personalise your brand. Hub content is actively pushed to its intended recipient via elements such as EDM’s, or appears at regular, predictable intervals on platforms such as social media so that visitors will return at specific times and days.

Nocturnal House Video Production Perth


Help content is generally daily or regular video content that is particularly aimed at people searching an answer to a question. FAQs, tutorials, product demos and how-to’s that responds directly to consumer needs and questions fall under this category. The aim of Hub content is to draw in new visitors and provide value to old..