TV Production & Video Content 

“Great marketing starts with great stories. Be unique, inspire, and connect.” – Ann Handley

Nocturnal House is the go-to production house for video content and TV production in Perth.  Our team of in-house production and design staff know how to create content that is both engaging, but more importantly socially shareable.  We pride ourselves on our ability to create high quality production pieces that are relevant and true to the client’s brief. The team at Nocturnal House works with the client from the early onset to better understand their vision and desired outcomes, before proposing a video or TV production idea. We’re an established TV production company delivering original and creative content that is engaging, unique and also leaves an impact.


At Nocturnal House Productions, our Perth team takes care of all the pre-production requirements, but that doesn’t mean we just leave you in the dark. During the planning phase we work closely with you on concepts, scripts and development, so you can be assured your project is in the safe hands.

From here, our experienced Perth TV and video content producers will guide you through the entire creative process ensuring there are no hidden surprises. This includes storyboarding, talent searching, location scouting, filming permits and drawing up a production budget. We understand the nature of digital content creation means there is always a need for multiple versions and variations of edits, as well as different variants of formatting and output. With this in mind, we try to keep our costs within the proposed budget and quote; removing the financial burden clients usually carry in the revision process. Being acquiescent in this way allows for a more fluid workflow and better transparency for the ongoing relationship with our clients.


Production refers to the part of the process in which footage is recorded, in other words, when your dream becomes reality. This is a busy period of time with multiple parties involved from makeup artists to camera operators, talent to DOP, sound technicians to artists, but don’t worry, our Nocturnal House TV Production team are an experienced Perth lot!


The final stage of any TV Production or Video Content project is post-production. Our experienced and passionate Perth team at Nocturnal House then put the polish in our Post-production studio.  Here we edit and compile any vision, footage, or assets and begin crafting the video project.   Our Perth Studios ensure an extremely well-recorded production that is just another reason why our customers say that Nocturnal House is the best Perth TV and Video Production company.

Balancing and crafting is all part of Post Production, and it’s no different when ensuring audio is produced to the highest standard.   To get that TV Production sounding sweet,  the editing of the multitudes of video content is an incredibly detailed a process and so this is not something that can be skipped over. Once a project is complete, Nocturnal House can provide the TV and Video content in the formats you need.   Once approved we can even manage the process of submitting an advertisement to CAD ensuring it is classified for broadcast, followed by the last step, which is to despatch to the relevant TV stations or online publishers.