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Drone Video Production Perth

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Drone video and photography production has had a massive impact in making aerial vision affordable.

Where previously it was the domain of helicopters to record aerial vision for a TV or corporate video to show scale and proximity of a location, or a cherry-picker and permit to shoot a real-estate video in a busy CBD or metropolitan area, drones or unmanned aerial vehicles not only provide great flexibility in what you can shoot ring  but significantly reduce the production with the ability to capture video and still imagery in amazing 4k broadcast quality vision.

Our experience is across all aspects of drone video and photography including aerials for TV commercials, corporate videos, tourism, retail, real-estate and industrial and commercial requirements. We engage with accredited Civil Aviation Safety Authority drone pilots to ensure strict compliance with all legislation regarding flying UAV’s to ensure the utmost safety and privacy when we are filming. From commercially retailed drones including DJI Mavic, Mavic Pro and Phantom 4, we also have custom-built drones that can be used for specific requirements including the ability to carry a payload.

Drone video production checklist

  • CASA certified pilots
  • Comprehensive flight plans and risk assessment
  • Quality video production, post processing and colour grading
  • Ability to reach inaccessible locations without shutdown
  • Public liability insurance