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Event Filming

“Video allows us to tell the great stories of our customers, rather than you own.”

A moment doesn’t last forever, but footage does!

If you’ve spent months planning and organising the nuts and bolts for your event, conference or announcement; getting the moment captured on camera is invaluable.

We specialise in event video coverage across all industries and sectors, from prestige conferences to product launches, awards nights, speeches and charity galas. Our multi camera set up means we can capture the day, night or moment from all angles. Whether it’s, seminars, conferences, panel discussions or live demonstrations, the options for event video are endless, and the footage is provided as an edited video or raw material for you to use. Not only is your whole event recorded but it’s an opportunity to use the coverage as a marketing tool for your next event.
Our team of technicians, camera crews, videographers, and producers will support you through the entire process of filming an event. Plus, our team can advise you on how best to distribute your videos after the event.

Whether it’s a conference, charity gala or stakeholder announcement, the team at Nocturnal House Productions can bring your message, strategy, and brand to life, through colour and movement.


Is your news worthy?

The reality is, getting exposure for your event, launch or announcement is becoming less and less about the quality of the pitch, it comes down to the news of the day, workload and access to crews. Get your event or announcement the media coverage it deserves with our team of experienced television producers, journalists and camera operators.  From our discussions with reporters and news directors, if broadcast-quality vision is provided then it makes is much easier for newsrooms to edit the supplied raw footage and clip it up for news.  The better the pictures, the likelihood of getting coverage increases. That’s where we come in.

We shoot on broadcast quality camera equipment; capturing speeches, conferences and conduct interviews, plus shoot overlay footage from the ground or by drone. Our experienced team takes charge of the production and packaging for you, then you can send it off to the newsroom for their usage.