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Constance Hall was your everyday mum before discovering the power of social media. Her candor on Facebook quickly attracted over 400,000 followers, while her website averaged over 80,000 unique visitors a day in its first week alone.

And she’s no flash in the pan either – ‘instafame’ is spreading like a rash, sending the world into a ‘fifteen seconds of fame’ frenzy. From Instagrammers to Facebookers, bloggers, Tweeters and Snapchatters, the Internet is shortcutting the path to stardom, allowing ordinary people to go from nobody to notoriety in an instant.

#onlinealisters will take viewers behind the keyboard and into the lives of average Joes raking in the fans (and dollars) by the thousands. Filmmakers bridging the gap to audiences. Fashionistas flaunting ‘totes fab’ trends. Teen boys tweeting selfies to fanatical followers. Come explore the charisma and social smarts behind this global phenomenon, as well as the personal pressures of being underprepared for overnight fame.

Nocturnal House Productions